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Helping the ISEAL Alliance navigate sensitive and personal data

Through the production of tailored guidance, we helped ISEAL Alliance members improve their knowledge and understanding of personal and sensitive data. ISEAL Alliance members are now better able to identify personal and sensitive data and follow a series of steps to help them determine how, if at all, data in their control should be shared with others.

Client: ISEAL Alliance

The ISEAL Alliance is the global membership association for credible sustainability standards. In early 2019, DataReady supported the ISEAL Alliance by producing guidance for its corporate members on how to identify, manage and share personal and sensitive data that they collect.

Our product focused on helping ISEAL members understand the nature of personal and sensitive data and explain how it is treated under robust data protection regimes.

Led by our Consultant Legal Advisor, we set out a series of clear and accessible steps and considerations for ISEAL members to keep in mind when evaluating whether the data they collect should be considered personal or sensitive. We then produced a template data sharing agreement for ISEAL members setting out standard key provisions on how and when to share, or not share, personal and sensitive data.

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