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We help you understand, manage and responsibly apply data for social good.

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About DataReady

DataReady exists to help the sustainable development and humanitarian sectors navigate the complexities of data governance. As a result, we can better understand, apply and track the value that data generates for society as a whole.

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Our Services

Whether drafting policy recommendations for governments or data management strategies for companies, we always work closely with you, providing support every step of the way.

Supporting policymakers

We support governments, international development organisations, NGOs and companies with the creation of data policy.

Strengthening data governance in practice

At an organisational level, we strengthen people’s and organisations’ knowledge of digital data and how it can be responsibly used.


We work across professional disciplines, building on the experience of our partners and networks.

What Our Advisors Say

DataReady cuts through the confusion that often shrouds digital innovation.

DataReady’s ability to identify and simplify data governance challenges – whether they be policy issues around the need for data protection legislation or practical, operational issues such as balancing data usability and personal privacy within a company – is second to none.

Al Kags Founder, The Open Institute

DataReady understands context.

DataReady appreciates how issues such as open data publication, interoperability and data sharing converge and come together in the sustainable development sector. Their consistency in research and the production of accessible guidance for practitioners on these issues is exceptional.

Shaida Badiee Managing Director, Open Data Watch
Our Advisors

Our Clients and Project Partners